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Hayano Bio-Signal Laboratory (HBSL)

Hayano Bio-Signal Laboratory (HBSL) is a research division in the Department of Medical Education at Nagoya City University Graduate School of Medical Sciences. HBSL has been one of the international leading laboratories of the basic and clinical researches in the dynamics of bio-signal fluctuations, particularly those of ambulatory electrocardiograms and actigrams during daily activities and sleep. HBSL has started its research activities in 1986 as the laboratory of noninvasive electrocardiology in a Department of Internal Medicine at Nagoya City University Medical School by a few researchers interested in the computer analysis of heart rate variability (HRV), thereafter HBSL has contributed to the establishment of the analysis of HRV as the methods for autonomic functional analysis, clinical risk stratification of various diseases, and screening for sleep apnea.

The focus of HBSL is the science of bio-signal fluctuations. Although in the history of physiology and medical sciences, the fluctuations in bio-signals have long been recognized as noises and ignored in analyses, we have revealed that various physiologic regulatory activities are reflected in bio-signal fluctuations, which include fruitful information about the alterations and impairments of the regulatory systems, the signs of ultra-early stage of diseases, and the risk for future disease development and death. The research programs of HBSL cover the entire spectrum of the science of bio-signal fluctuations, including studies of physiologic mechanisms of fluctuations, mathematic theories and algorithms for time series analyses, applications to health care and clinical medicine, and academic-industrial cooperation for development of software and hardware such as wearable sensors and clinical laboratory equipment.

Even among well-known bio-signals, as-yet-known useful information has been discovered continuously in their fluctuations. Furthermore, this is an exciting time for this field. Advances in wearable bio-signal sensors and information communication technologies are made every day. Big data being built by them seem to require the appropriate methods for analyses and interpretations.

This is an elegant scientific field fruitful for challenges and enjoys. Welcome to students and post-doctoral fellows from various fields such as medicine, health care, engineering, and computer science. We invite you to visit HBSL to learn with us, collaborate, and challenge your scientific dreams

Junichiro Hayano, MD, PhD, FCCP
Director, Hayano Bio-Signal Laboratory
Professor of Medicine
Department of Medical Education
Nagoya City University Graduate School of Medical Sciences

1 Kawasumi Mizuho-cho, Mizuho-ku, Nagoya 467-8601, Japan
+81-52-853-8507 (direct)